The Clean Choice - a better feel

Think about a sunbed on a beach. The lovely views, the breeze, the sand - the relaxing mind. Now shift focus for a second. How fresh is that sunbed? Do they clean the beds before use? How many different types of microbiological substances does my sunbed contain - can I even count that far? And do I want to put my towel directly on that surface and then use it on my body?  

We discovered a variation of behaviors by only observing people on the beach using sunbeds. Food, drinks, diaper change, sunoil and people not covering the sunbed with a towels. Think about what "by-products" we people leave behind - you do the math.

Antibacterial - ISO 20743 

Our optional antibacterial treatment complies with ISO 20743 standard and can drastically reduce the bacterial levels on the material surface. 

Thanks to the permanent static microbial agents it prevent bacterial contamination. The treatment has effect up to 10 washes.

A clean choice

Our product is a light weight, easy to use and washable sunbed cover. Made of stretchable polyester and treated with  antibactierial formula complient with ISO 20743.

Unique marketing

Take advantage of using the unique marketplace a sunbed provides. Promote your brand and be visible on beaches, hotel pools, events and other places of interest. Only your imagination is the limit.

Scandinavian quality

We are proud of our products and our Nordic way of devoloping our ideas. We want to build a personal and a long lasting relationship with our customers - this is the Scandinavian way and in our DNA.


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